Pistes Solidaires

Pistes Solidaires is a 10 years old educational organisation that promotes the educational mobilities, the LLP opportunities & The local social and socio-cultural development. Since 2013, Pistes-Solidaires is Europe Direct Center in Pau. Based in Aquitaine region (South West of France), Pistes is the head of an European network of Education for sustainable development (ESD) – The otesha Network and has member organisations in 8 EU countries. The area of expertise of Pistes-Solidaires are : education and trainings, participation, citizenship, local development and all related ESD themes. Pistes-Solidaires is recognized (labelized) for its work on ESD by the UNESCO.

Contact info

Address: 1 rue Richelieu / 64000 Pau
WWW: www.pistes-solidaires.fr
Email: pfr@pistes-solidaires.fr

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