Nornir is a Manchester-based Social Enterprise in the UK supplying Technology, Information and Communication services. Established in 2001 our aim is to make life easier for public and community sector organisations, helping them grow, deliver and innovate by supplying IT support, information management, web and training services that are all delivered through a range of social programmes that support those people who are most excluded in society.

Nornir provide a range of services to clients including data, web and IT related activities as well as evaluation, quality monitoring and support for social and environmental projects. Nornir employ a wide range of technicians and experts on projects, including web designers, programmers, associates who have specific skills in working with people who are most excluded by society and volunteers. Our philosophy is to facilitate the best solution to the client, particularly within the Third Sector, where the majority of nornir clients operate.

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Address: 54 West Park Avenue, Roundhay, Leeds, LS8 2EB

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