Aims nad objectives

Our Aim is to develop test and transfer tools and techniques of the Planning for Real (PFR) engagement process, in a variety of settings namely community based, spatial planning and park and open spaces with a multi faceted, culturally and economically diverse and experienced partnership. Partners from the UK Turkey France Italy and Poland will work collectively to produce a transferable PFR programme and facilitators guidance manual and test the actions in real situations with communities and relevant professionals. This will be aligned with a dedicated dissemination and exploitation strategy to promote the approach and inform future actions.
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Type of transrer

For over 25 years PFR has had notable success across all organisational and contextual sectors within the UK in empowering through skills acquisition people to influence change in their communities by playing an active part in shaping the design and delivery of both physical spaces and services. As a consequence we can implement TOI from different perspectives.
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