Planning for Real Project launched by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in partnership with EU, held the Local Educational Training. With this project is aimed to bring people’s contribution to the local administration.

Launched by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and financed with the support of EU’s Leonardo DaVinci „Lifelong Learning Program”, organized in partnership with France, England, Italy and Poland, Planning for Real Project held the Local Educational Training. Training was joined by the England Accord Housing Group Project Consultant Gill Hutchinson as training observer, employees of Survey and Projects Department, Projects Directorate, representatives of Pamukkale University, Merkezefendi Municipality, Pamukkale Municipality, Department of Environmental Protection and Control, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Transportation, Department of Cultural and Social Affairs and representatives of Metropolitan City Council. The training seminar given by Survey and Projects Department staff Faruk Tahal, having as Project Coordinator the Head of Survey and Projects Department Halil İbrahim Kaşlıköse was held in the meeting room of Survey and Projects Department.

Target: To serve according to the people’s opinion

The stakeholder analysis was performed and the project was explained to the participants in the Local Educational Training of Planning for Real Project. Then, was given training on „Creating a Model” based on the 3D model of the project. At the end of the seminar held, were given Planning for Real Project Local Educational Certificate to all participants in the training. In the next step of the project will be realized work together with people. The target of Planning for real Project implemented in England was announced as follows: ”To provide services to the region, in the implementation area of the project, purely on the basis of public opinion, in accordance with their demands and predictions.”

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