The local training workshop closed a first phase of intensive work in the Pigneto neighborhood (Rome), in which a) it was decided to apply the PFR methodology for the redevelopment of the Pigneto square; b) several contacts with citizens’ groups were consolidated through information meetings and activities (as the Stakeholder Analysis) ; c) the 3D model was realized with the contribution of 45 pupils of the local primary school and the junior high school (11-12 years old); d) the local project Face Book page became operative (

The workshop was held in the premises of a very active and well-known Pigneto’s Youth Cultural Center. The eleven participants were: district residents, City Hall Fifth Municipality officials, degrees and PhD students in Engineering and Architecture (In fact, it must be said that the Roman Universities have always been showing a strong interest in the PFR-Planning for Real project from the beginning and actually are discreetly but carefully following the real-life project).

The two training days were intense and exciting: the photos fail to give the sense of our full involvement and the feeling of being ready to launch the real-life project … tomorrow! We felt ourselves in between satisfaction and awe… But really, Gill, you were right: we were ready!

Under the wise guidance of Gill Hutchinson, we had used tailored materials to the real life project: the 3D model, cards, schemes and so on. In this way, the training methodology has also become a practical and very affective exercise; this allowed us to evaluate the pertinence/effectiveness of the materials and 3D models, our understanding of the crucial steps (as well as the phases Prioritization, Action Planning and Problem Solving) on which we focused out more.

Gill has been a true “Virgilio,” driving us from the theory to the practical application and vice versa. This approach was very useful because has allowed the participants to confront the complexities of building consent within a very tough neighborhood, characterized by high population density, recent phenomena of gentrification and night-life, drug dialing and petty crimes. During the workshop we had passionate discussions between different points of views that today appear very close to the real experience. Even funny, such as the difficulty of finding a space for containers of syringe exchange: all agreed… “but not in my backyard!”

Thanks to Gill’ professionalism, the workshop was very useful in order to form/to direct competences, to open minds and overcome hesitations: we immediately started in “Using the model”, the PFR Methodology first step. So far, we have done four meetings and other are planned up to January 20. Following the tutor’s advice, we have preferred not to do one big event but rather to organize micro-events that enable a wider anchoring (dissemination) in the Pigneto’s area and many more contacts with the people.

Oh, I forgot: all participants in the local facilitators workshop are doing a great job with passion and fun!


3D Model Pigneto square PFR WORKSHOP


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