25 & 26 FEBRUARY 2015



Due to the area in which the PFR project will be implemented in, is in another municipal district but still within the boundaries of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality several meetings with Sarayköy Mayor were realized.
Sarayköy is located 25km from Denizli. The initial meeting with the Mayor of Sarayköy included a detailed explanation of our project and its methodology. The program that will be followed was also discussed.

It was also decided together with our mentor Gill Hutchinson that our first consultation activity should be with the parents of the students making the 3D model, so all organization was made accordingly. The school for the model making activity was selected. It was decided that we will use grade 4 students of the age of 10 for this activity.

During the two day activity the students of Pamukkale University Faculty of Architecture and Design together with Assist Prof. Head of Department of Landscape Architecture assisted the team from Denizli Metropolitan Municipality with the model making and consultation activities. Locally trained facilitators also attended the activities for assistance.

The students from the university were trained beforehand by the local facilitator from the university and briefed by our team before the events took place.

Within the scope of disseminating the project activities brochures, leaflets, banners, posters, notebooks and pens, project rollup were prepared.

Materials for the model making were also prepared for the students.
The model making activity took place at the central primary school 24 Mayıs İlkokulu in Sarayköy.  Announcements were made to all the students of the primary school. The school in total has 680 students. The 4th grade students of 6 classes participated in the model making activity. A total of 146 students took part in the activity.

The models in the scale of 400 and in total 19 pieces of 60 x 60cm were prepared for the students.  To utilize time and the classes a program was prepared and shared with the school principle. The students of each class participated in the event.

As the class numbers ranged from 17 to 31 we divided each class into 5 groups. Each class had to prepare 3, 60 x 60 cm model pieces. 3 coloring groups, 1 building making group and 1 tree making group. Each class was responsible for their part of the models.

We made several visits to the school to discuss how we could organize the activity. The principle        allocated a classroom for the activities. He provided assistance when and where necessary.

During the consultation activity one group of the students from Pamukkale University recorded on the age and gender boards, another group conducted the community skills questionnaire.

A total of 53 parents participated to the consultation activity at 24 Mayıs Primary School. According to the Age & Gender recorded results which are detailed in the table below, it can be stated that for

Table – 1

our first consultation activity that mainly mothers of the students participated and major participation was from the age range of 25-32. For the fathers of the students major participation was within the age range of 33-40.

The results of the survey show us where you live are shown in the table below. The majority of the consultation activity participation was from Atatürk neighborhood. The parents lived mainly around the school and out of 32 neighborhoods of Sarayköy district participation was from 8 neighborhoods and several people travelled from Central Denizli province.


Table – 2

The results of the Community Skills Questionnaire can be seen in the table below.

Table – 3





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