Planning for Real Management Meeting Wednesday 1st April 2015 Wrocław, Poland




Institute for Territorial Development has organized on 1st of April 2015 a Steering Group meeting of the multilateral cooperation project „Planning for Real” (PFR). The meeting has taken place at the Career Development Center „Krzywy Komin” in Wroclaw. The meeting was attended by project coordinators from the UK, France, Italy, Turkey and Poland. In the first part of the meeting there were presented the reports on the activities already carried out under the project. Polish partners discussed the process of public consultations conducted by Planning for Real in Lewin Kłodzki (Poland), partners from Turkey discussed the consultations in Sarayköy in the province of Denizli and Italian partners talked over actions carried out in Rome Pigneto Square. In the second part of the meeting there were discussed the tasks related to the management and implementation of the project schedule, as well as the possibility of continuing cooperation in the current partnership after the completion of the project in October 2015.

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