The contemporary society is aware of the value of its liveable space, and increasingly wants to have a direct impact on how it is transformed. Therefore, the local authorities should involve local communities in the planning and evaluation of the development processes and increase awareness of the complexity of these issues.

The overall objective of the ‘Planning For Real’ (PFR) project is familiarisation and implementation of innovation methods of public participation that have been used for many years in the UK, by public institutions of several European countries. This method relies on the involvement of local communities in the process of creating spatial and social policy, through effective public consultation, supporting the local groups in developing bottom-up activities, advancement of individual identity, and stimulating the community capacity and innovation.

‘Planning for Real’(PFR) multi-level project is delivered with the financial support of the EU under Leonardo da Vinci ‘Lifelong Learning Programme’(Transfer of Innovation). The duration of the project is planned for two years (2013-2015).

Project partners:

  • Pistes – Solidaires (France) – a lead partner
  • Accord Housing Association (United Kingdom)
  • Denzil Belediyesi (Turkey )
  • Euro Innovanet srl (Italy)
  • Nornir (United Kingdom)
  • Województwo Dolnośląskie (Poland)

The objective of the project is adaptation and transfer of innovative PFR methodology in the four partner countries. It aims to contribute to the greater socialization of the development process and to advance and disseminate PFR expertise through publications prepared and issued during the project.

The general public will be involved in the consultation and dissemination stages of the project via meetings, exposure to visual project objects, social media events, web site meetings, briefings, reports, articles and events.

The project will define the common areas of activities during the life time of the project and beyond, including the creation of an international network for the dissemination and implementation of national PFR programs, developing of practical techniques and instruments adopted to national needs, enhancing professional knowledge and skills and increasing the awareness of the local communities about the importance and capacity of social participation in the development processes.

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