Pedagogical instruments

PFR materials have been used widely by communities and professionals throughout the UK in a range of different settings to address issues at local levels. They offer a very visual, interactive approach to dealing with issues. The endurance and success of PFR over the years is attributed to its simplicity of use, enabling people of all ability levels to engage and actively participate in the process. The current materials are written in the English language, content and pictorial images relevant to English culture. This project will widen the scope of the materials to embrace other languages and cultures.

PFR methodological and didactic approaches are needs driven, practical, proactive and inclusive. Whilst we will adopt this approach with the transfer and testing it will be important when developing new materials that the project refines and adapts materials and exercises that reflect the cultural norms and values in the EU countries where the project will be delivered. A review of the results of the local needs assessment (WP2) will be undertaken in conjunction with the EU partner countries to enable adaptation of the PFR materials and processes to suit the different European contexts. The improved materials and processes will be tested in real-life situations within the EU partner countries. Testing will include measures of validity (is it appropriate to the participating country), reliability (does it work) and impact (what has it achieved).

PFR is renowned in the UK for being able to work with people from different ethnic backgrounds living within the same community and offers all residents the opportunity to come together to discuss local issues. To enable this to work in the EU partner countries, PFR materials will be translated into the language(s) chosen by the partners and native speaking facilitators from each of the partner countries who will be trained to work with communities in their own country.

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