Type of transrer

For over 25 years PFR has had notable success across all organisational and contextual sectors within the UK in empowering through skills acquisition people to influence change in their communities by playing an active part in shaping the design and delivery of both physical spaces and services. As a consequence we can implement TOI from different perspectives.

We will transfer the product to new audiences working across different professional sectors i.e. parks and environment, housing, planning, community development. This will be assured by partner involvement throughout the development stage of the product and testing in four countries.
The final PFR framework, training received and tools available will be invaluable to local facilitators and enable PFR to be used and marketed more widely. PFR is not a familiar product to partners and not part of current vocational practice. Their knowledge of the product comes from UK partners who have promoted the product and its viability.

PFR product will be tested in different environments and with new and differing target groups across different cultures in North, South, West and Eastern Europe. This will mean that the final product has been informed by and validated through the pilot area experiences which exhibit real diversity in setting, cultural norms and values.
The PFR process addresses local needs as identified by local people and the process enables the development of local solutions. The practical testing for PFR will be identified by the partners in direct consultation with local communities to address their needs and not perceived needs of the public bodies.

Transferring PFR from the UK will in turn inform the further development of the PFR product in the UK. The training programme, teaching methods and resources will be innovative and will help local people using the PFR framework both in the UK and across Europe to gain new skills, knowledge and experience.
From a pedagogic perspective the learning methodologies used are formulated on the principles of practical action learning. The implementation of the transfer will promote this pedagogic approach in the skills development of cross sector professionals concurrently not normally part of their current vocational curricula.

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