Aims and objectives

Our Aim is to develop test and transfer tools and techniques of the Planning for Real (PFR) engagement process, in a variety of settings namely community based, spatial planning and park and open spaces with a multi faceted, culturally and economically diverse and experienced partnership. Partners from the UK Turkey France Italy and Poland will work collectively to produce a transferable PFR programme and facilitators guidance manual and test the actions in real situations with communities and relevant professionals. This will be aligned with a dedicated dissemination and exploitation strategy to promote the approach and inform future actions.

  • Transfer the skills and knowledge base of PFR to at least 4 other EU countries / accession states to effectively engage with their local communities
  • Use PFR to develop and transfer an EU wide supported programme of practical delivery and real time testing across the partners to demonstrate effectiveness and value to local community engagement
  • Create a practical transferable package for PFR and facilitator manual to improve the skills of those professionals, community based personnel and members of the community to enable them to engage with their communities
  • Train eight lead facilitators, 40 support facilitators in PFR and engage at least 200 members of the community in a real time and practical PFR community consultation to address issues that relate to their needs and experiences
  • Establish an EU transnational network to disseminate and publicise the programme during project life cycle and through dedicated exploitation actions encourage and embed the process post project with mainstream organizations and policy makers

The project directly addresses two European priorities.

  • To support participants in training and further training activities in the acquisition and the use of knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate personal development, employability and participation in the European labour market (LEO-SpObj-a) This by the development and delivery of a customized package of training that enable them to acquire the key skills and methodological approaches required to deliver PFR in a variety of settings and EU countries
  • To support improvements in quality and innovation in vocational education and training systems. This by embedding the learning and curriculum package in real and practical learning environments with a range of training public and community institutions.
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