In accordance with the underlying principle and philosophy of PFR and value base of the partnership we will adopt an inclusive and consensus based methodological approach to delivery of work plans. Each package will have a nominated lead and all partners will contribute bringing their particular skills. Each package has defined results interconnected and related actions. Briefly –

  • WP1 – This management WP is led by Piste Solidaire with experience in managing EU programmes. They will manage , coordinate and capture all processes and procedures to ensure that the project is delivered efficiently, produce reports contracts and documents and appoint an independent external evaluation with an interim and final report .This work package encompasses liaison with National Agency.
  • WP2 – Focused research and analysis to provide an evidence base on which to roll out actions in WP3 and 4. A “State of the Art” position in each member state with regard community led development and recommendations to underpin findings to inform the development of a transferable PFR product .This led by Euro Innovanet who as a specialist research agency are ideally suited.
  • WP3 – Provides key approaches, methodologies and guidance information for delivery of PFR in WP4 Led by Accord who as owners of PFR have the necessary knowledge and expertise to develop and refine the programme. They will work with partners and findings in WP2 – Creates a programme ready for delivery in WP 4. Accord will hold a workshop for 8 lead facilitators in the UK to familiarise them with the products and approaches and enable them to cascade learning in their own country. After the test has been completed review data refine the framework accordingly and produce a final product.
  • WP4 – Training and Test PFR product. As this WP dovetails with WP3 Accord will also take the lead role to ensure continuity and adherence to principles and practices to be transferred. The 8 lead facilitators from partners in WP3 will train a further 40 support facilitators identified across the four countries in which the testing will take place ( France , Turkey, Italy Poland) All partners will show how they will arrange this activity with support and advice from the lead partner. Test reviews results and feedback will then be forwarded to Accord who will then refine the final product in line with comments made.
  • WP5 – Quality Assurance to ensure procedures in place to meet standards required in project Quality Assurances and Evaluation. A Performance Quality Plan (PQP) will define quality requirements for assessing project results in categories e.g. project management, actual outputs and outcomes measurements against stated using agreed threshold criteria, requirements specifications, and depending on the result the appropriate metrics will be applied at the end of each reporting period. Nornir who as a specialist ICT Quality Assurance company who comply with EU Quality Standards have the lead role in the WP.
  • WP6/WP7 -These combined WPs have several functions: to raise profile of project (dissemination), to market the project outcomes, partnership details and background of PRF (marketing) and to secure mainstreaming and multiplier of activity (exploitation).
    For dissemination purposes the Partners will draw on their networks and expertise working with Denizli who brings significant contacts as a large public authority and a different cultural background to broaden our own experience. Frameworks, materials and curricula approaches and benefits realised by all actors will be presented to NGOs, Educational Institutions, stakeholders, policy makers and community training organizations. We will use different formats: social media, events, meetings etc. to identify and promote ways to maximize products and services culminating in a large transnational conference in France.
    For marketing we will also use all possible formats: social media, web site meetings, briefings reports, articles, events to approach a wide audience. In the marketing actions we will target especially NGOs and for exploitation actions we will target mainly education providers, policy makers, sector professionals. The WP will be lead jointly by Polish and Turkish Partners. Our Polish partner as a spatial planning body has an excellent networks in key sectors and with influential organisations. The IRT will maintain the web site.
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