January 15th, 2015

Following the training of trainers, the team constituted of Pistes-Solidaires and the town of Billère started to think and adapt the French PFR pack. Based on the PFR pack provided by the team of Accord Housing Association, is was necessary to make some changes and adaptation as the territory in France is not the same as in the United Kingdom.

Then, the team started the recruitment phase of the local facilitators in December 2014, based on the criteria and profile described by the team of Accord Housing Association. The town of Billère contacted the local network (local organizations, citizen participatory network), a group of 18 confirmed its interest in participating in the PFR project with a very diverse profile (young people, adults, retired people).

The project started a bit later than in the other European territories of experimentation as the election schedule interfered in the project. This delay didn’t have any impact on the success of the project though.

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