We have created the partnership through networks, previous collaborations and known reputations to reflect a unique mixture of sectors and skills. This to collectively adapt and apply the PFR innovative solution to be transferred, ensure we maximise impact, dissemination, exploitation, undertake effective management and quality assurance.

All the partners are active contributors. They will support the management of the project, attend all the partnership meetings and participate to the reports required by the French NA. They will participate in the process of PFR material adaptation and Italy, France, Poland and Turkey will test the product. All will support dissemination, exploitation and evaluation of the project products/results. Each will take specific roles and responsibilities throughout the project reflecting their specific skills and experience.

  • Piste–Solidaires (France) will take responsibility for management and coordination (WP1) including monitoring and evaluation ensuring all respective partners support project actions and undertake their roles effectively and timely. They will test PFR in a local community setting.
  • Accord Housing (UK) as holder of PFR via the PFR team will lead WP3 and WP4 developing product with partners and testing it with four partners, each in a different setting to assess transferability across countries and sectors.
  • Euro Innovanet (Italy) will lead on WP2 a baseline needs and comparative analysis . They will produce evidence based reports to inform our approach in WP3 and support the evidence base. Working though their University contacts they will test PFR in a real setting building student skills and expertise
  • Nornir UK (UK) an innovative ICT social enterprise will develop the ICT infrastructure for evaluation monitoring and quality assurance planning. They will lead on WP5 Quality Assurance and work closely with Piste- Solidaires to implement on line monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Denizli Municipality will coordinate dissemination actions in WP6. They will test the PFR product with a local community and sector professional in a parks and open spaces environment .
  • Wojewodztwo Dolnoslakie will test PFR in a spatial planning environment with sector professionals stakeholders and communities. Using their extensive networks of partners in Central Europe and BSR areas in the partnerships with public bodies, businesses municipalities and NGOs they will lead WP7 Exploitation
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